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Zinc naphthenate CAS 12001-85-3 

Zinc naphthenate CAS 12001-85-3 
Zinc naphthenate CAS 12001-85-3 
Zinc naphthenate  Details
  • Chemical Name:Zinc naphthenate
  • CAS No.: 12001-85-3
  • Molecular Fomula:2(C11H7O2).Zn
  • Molecular weight:319.71
  • Appearance: Brown yellow uniform transparent
  • Assay :99%
Zinc naphthenate   Specification
Items Specification Result
Appearance Brown yellow uniform transparent liquid Brown viscous liquid
Metallic 4 ±0.2 8 ± 0.2
Solubility in solvents no
Solution stability No precipitates in the light
Zinc naphthenate  Application

Suitable for the antirust additive of all kinds of antirust oil, emulsified oil, cutting oil, cutting fluid. Has good rustproof to copper, steel, aluminum, is also a good wetting agent, grinding dispersant of coating, as a suspending agent, used as the matting agent in the matte paint.

Zinc naphthenate Packaging Details

180kg/Drum or as your requirement


Store at dry, dark and ventilated place.

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