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Yeast extract CAS 8013-01-2

Yeast extract
Yeast extract package
Yeast extract
Yeast extract Quick Details:

Yeast extract, It is dark brown paste or light yellow powder, showing the unique flavor and smell of yeast. Powder products have strong hygroscopicity.

  • CAS No: 8013-01-2
  • Molecular Formula: N/A
  • Molecular weight: 0
  • Appearance: brown powder
Yeast extract Specification:
Item Specification
Origin Yeast
Shape Extracting
Luster Yellow to brown
PH 4.5–6.5
Dry matter (%) ≥70
Total nitrogen (%) ≥7.0
Amino nitrogen ≥3.2
NaCL (%) ≤5.0
Total bacterias ≤10000cfu/g
Yeast extract Application:

1.Condiments. It is often used in combination with other chemical seasonings, and is widely used in various processed foods, such as soups, soy sauce, sausages, rice crackers, etc. Also used as flavoring agent; nutritional supplement; stabilizer; emulsifier; thickener; yeast food.

2.Used as a raw material for the production of antibacterial.

Yeast extract Package:

25kg/drum or as your requirement

Yeast extract Storage:

The warehouse is ventilated, low temperature and dry.


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