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VEEGUM CAS 1327-43-1

VEEGUM CAS 1327-43-1
VEEGUM CAS 1327-43-1
VEEGUM CAS 1327-43-1
VEEGUM CAS 1327-43-1
VEEGUM Details
  • Product name:VEEGUM
  • Cas Number:1327-43-1
  • Molecular formula:Al2F30Mg2Si5
  • Molecular weight:812.952672
  • Purity:99%
VEEGUM Specification
Item Standard
Characteristics Almost white to off white free flowing, tasteless odorless,slippery granules or flakes(Completely freefrom foreign and black particles)
Solubility Dispersaible in water
Indentification Responds to tests for identification
pH(5% w/v) 9-10
Water N.M.T 8%
Residue on ignition N.M.T 17%
Viscosity(5%w/v) 800-2200 cps(dispersion)
Acid Demand N.M.T 4%
Particle size Less than 250 micron for granules and for flakes less than 1mm lengthand less than 250 microrthickness
Arsenic N.M.T 3 ppm
Heavy metals N.M.T 15 ppm
Al/Mg ratio 0.5-1.2
VEEGUM Application
  • Used in ceramic blanks and glazes
  • Improve the whiteness, translucency and thermal stability of building sanitary ceramics
VEEGUM packaging and Storage
  • 25kg / Bag.
  • It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.

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