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Triisobutyl phosphate CAS 126-71-6

Triisobutyl phosphate 126-71-6
Triisobutyl phosphate 126-71-6

Triisobutyl phosphate Quick Details:

  • product name:Triisobutyl phosphate
  • CAS number: 126-71-6
  • Molecular formula: C12H27O4P
  • Molecular weight: 266.31
  • EINECS number: 204-798-3
  • Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
  • Purity:99%
Triisobutyl phosphate Specification:
Item Specifications Result
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent liquid
Gravity d20/4 0.960-0.970 0.9649
Moisture 0.1% max 0.035%
ACID mgKOH/g 0.1% max 0.032%
Content WT% 99.0% min 99.16%
Color APHA 20 max 10
Refrctive n20/D 1.4190-1.4200 1.4191
Conclusion The results conforms with enterprise standards.
Triisobutyl phosphate Application:

This product is mainly used as a defoamer and penetrant. Widely used in inks, construction, oil field additives and other industries and fields, but also used as textile additives, dye additives and so on

Triisobutyl phosphate Package and Storage:
  • 200kg/drum or customized
  • Store below +30°C.

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