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Triadimenol CAS 55219-65-3

Triadimenol CAS 55219-65-3
Triadimenol CAS 55219-65-3
Triadimenol Quick Details:
  • Product Name:Triadimenol
  • CAS No.: 55219-65-3
  • Purity:95%min
  • EINECS No:259-537-6
  • Molecular formula:C14H18ClN3O2
  • Molecular weight :295.76
  • Appearance:White, odorless, fine crystalline powder
Triadimenol Specification:
Items Standard
Appearance Colourless odourless crystals
Specific rotation 39.5 to 41.5
State of solution(transmittance) Clear 98.0% min
Chloride[cl] 0.020% max
Ammonium [NH4] 0.02% max.
Sulfate[SO4] 0.020% max
Iron[Fe] 10ppm max.
Heavy metals [Pb] 10ppm max
Arsenic[As2O3] 1ppm max
Other amino acids Chromatographically not detectable
Loss on drying 0.20% max
Residue on ignition[sulfated] 0.10% max.
Assay 99.0% min
Triadimenol Application:

Triadimenol is a high-efficiency, low-toxic and broad-spectrum bactericide. It is used to control wheat, rice rust, powdery mildew, sheath blight and other diseases, and has obvious yield-increasing effect. It can also be used as a treatment agent for cereal seeds and to prevent and treat head smut of cereals.

 Triadimenol Packaging Details

25kg/Drum or as your requirement

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