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Tetraethyl orthosilicate / TEOS CAS 78-10-4

TEOS CAS 78-10-4 (3)
TEOS CAS 78-10-4 (3)
Tetraethyl orthosilicate Details:
  • Chemical Name: Tetraethyl orthosilicate
  • CAS No.:  78-10-4
  • Molecular Weight::208.33
  • Molecular Fomula:C8H20O4Si
  • Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
  • Assay 99%
Tetraethyl orthosilicate  Specification:
Items Specification
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Chroma(APHA) 10
Content >99%
Specific gravityat 20° C(68° F) 0.934-0.936
Silicon dioxide content 28%
Acidity(as HCl) <0.01
Alcohol <1%
Other content 0-5ppm
Viscidity( 20°C) 0.97 cps.
Tetraethyl orthosilicate Application:
  1. Ethyl silicate (TEOS) is a colorless liquid, mainly used as heat-resistant coatings, chemical-resistant coatings, and silane coupling agents
  2. The electronics industry is used as an insulating material
  3. Optical glass treatment and coagulant
  4. Chemical resistant coatings and heat resistant coatings and adhesives
Tetraethyl orthosilicate Packaging Details:

200kg/Drum or as your requirement


Store at dry, dark and ventilated place.

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