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Tebuconazole CAS 107534-96-3

Tebuconazole CAS 107534-96-3 (2)
Tebuconazole CAS 107534-96-3 (3)
Tebuconazole CAS 107534-96-3 (1)
Tebuconazole CAS 107534-96-3 (2)
Tebuconazole Quick Details:

Tebuconazole is a triazole fungicide, a sterol de early group inhibitor, and an efficient fungicide used for seed treatment or surface spraying of important economic crops. It can effectively control various rust, net spot, root rot, scab, smut, and seed borne rot.

  • CAS No.: 107534-96-3
  • Molecular Formula: C16H22ClN3O
  • Molecular Weight: 307.82
  • Appearance: White to light yellow powder
  • Assay: 97%
Tebuconazole Specification:
Item Specification
Appearance White to light yellow powder
Content, % ≥97
Water, % ≤0.5
pH Value, % 5.8-6.6
Acetone Insoluble Material, % ≤0.2
Tebuconazole Package:

25kg Fiber Drum or custom according to your request

Tebuconazole Formulation:

80%WP; 250g/L EC/EW; 430g/L SC; 60g/L, 120g/L FS

Tebuconazole Application:

As a seed dressing, tebuconazole is effective against various smut and bunt diseases of cereals such as Tilletia spp., Ustilago spp., and Urocystis spp., also against Septoria nodorum (seed-borne); and Sphacelotheca reiliana in maize. As a spray, tebuconazole controls numerous pathogens in various crops.

Tebuconazole Storage:

Preserve in well-closed container at ventilated, dry place.

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