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Stearoyl benzoyl methane / SBM CAS 58446-52-9

Stearoyl benzoyl methane CAS 58446-52-9
Stearoyl benzoyl methane CAS 58446-52-9
Stearoyl benzoyl methane Quick Details:

Stearoyl benzoyl methane (SBM) is an important auxiliary heat stabilizer for plastics with β-diketone structure. It can be compounded with a variety of stabilizers. Through the synergy between the components, it can effectively improve the The transparency and weather resistance of vinyl chloride products avoid precipitation and “zinc burning” during processing.

Compared with commonly used stabilizers, stearoyl benzoyl methane has good thermal stability, chemical stability and light stability, is non-toxic, odorless, and does not pollute products, so it is widely used in food and medical packaging.

  • Product name :Stearoyl benzoyl methane
  • CAS :  58446-52-9
  • Molecular formula : C26H42O2
  • Molecular weight :  386.61
  • Appearance : White powder
  • EINECS number: 261-257-4
Stearoyl benzoyl methane Specification:
Items Specifications
Assay ≥98.0%
Melting point ≥56℃
Volatiles ≤0.3%
Ash ≤0.2%


Stearoyl benzoyl methane Application:

As a co-stabilizer of calcium/zinc hydroxy acid salt stabilizing system, used in the manufacture of mineral water bottles, oil drums, transparent sheets and transparent films, etc.

Organic PVC auxiliary heat stabilizer, mainly used with composite calcium zinc/composite rare earth heat stabilizer, can inhibit the initial coloring, prevent “zinc burning” and improve the thermal stability of PVC products.

Stearoyl benzoyl methane Package:




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