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Sorbitan Oleate / Span 80 CAS 1338-43-8

Span 80 CAS 1338-43-8
Span 80 CAS 1338-43-8
Sorbitan Oleate Details:
  • Chemical Name: Sorbitan Oleate
  • CAS No.: 1338-43-8
  • Molecular Weight::428.6
  • Molecular Fomula:C24H44O6
  • Appearance:yellow oily liquid
  • Assay 99%
Sorbitan Oleate Specification:
Items Unit Specification
Fatty acid w/% 73~77
Sorbitol w/% 28~32
Acid value mg KOH/g ≤8.0
Saponification value mg KOH/g 145~160
Hydroxyl value mg KOH/g 193~210
Moisture w/% ≤2.0
Arsenic mg/kg ≤3
Pb mg/kg ≤2
Sorbitan Oleate Application:
  1. Good oil-in-water emulsifier
  2. As W/O type food emulsifier, used alone or mixed with Tween-60, Tween-80 and Tween-65.
  3. Nonionic surfactants, which can be used to form oil-in-water emulsions, and can be combined with low-HLB surfactants to form water-in-oil emulsions.
Sorbitan Oleate Packaging Details:

200kg/Drum or as your requirement


Store at dry, dark and ventilated place.

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