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Sodium thioglycolate CAS 367-51-1

Sodium thioglycolate Quick Details:
  • CAS Number: 367-51-1
  • Molecular formula: C2H3NaO2S Molecular weight: 114.1
  • EINECS number: 206-696-4
  • Appearance:Yellow to dark red liquid
  • Assay:99%
Sodium thioglycolate Specification:
Item Specification
Assay ≥20%
Appearance Yellow to dark red liquid
Ph Value 7-9
Sodium thioglycolate Application:

Mainly used as inhibitor of copper molybdenum minerals and pyrite. It is an effective depressant for cyanide-free flotation of molybdenite. It can replace sodium cyanide (highly toxic) and sodium sulfide, and selectively inhibit copper and sulfur co-existing with molybdenite, especially for copper sulfide and pyrite. The inhibition is obvious. This product is non-toxic and has a positive effect on the environmental protection of the production area. It is an environmentally friendly non-polluting mineral processing product actively recommended by the national environmental protection department.

Sodium thioglycolate Pacckage and Storage:
  • 250kg/drum or customized
  • Sealed and stored in a dry, low-temperature, well-ventilated place

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