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Sodium silicate CAS 1344-09-8

Sodium silicate CAS 1344-09-8 (3)
Sodium silicate CAS 1344-09-8 (3)
Sodium silicate detail:
  • Chemical Name: Sodium silicate
  • CAS No.: 1344-09-8
  • MW:122.06
  • Molecular formula:Na2O3Si
  • Appearance:White powder
  • Assay :99%
Sodium silicate Specification:
Items Specification
Modulus 2.0-3.0
SiO2 % 59.0-63.0
Na2O % 18.0-21.0
Dissolved Speed :S <240
Apparent Density: g/ml 0.50-0.80
100 Mesh Sieve Residues% <5
Sodium silicate Application:
  1. Analytical reagents, fabric fire retardants and adhesives
  2. Mainly used as raw material for silica gel and white carbon black, filler for soap making industry and rubber waterproofing agent
  3. Refractory binder, furnace gunning agent, welding rod powder binder.
  4. Fillers for detergents and soaps, soil stabilizers, textile industry dyeing aids, bleaching agents and sizing agents, mineral flotation agents and other purposes are mainly used as cleaning agents and synthetic detergents, but also as degreasing agents and fillings Agents and corrosion inhibitors,etc.
Sodium silicate Packaging Details

25kg/Bag or as your requirement


Store at dry, dark and ventilated place.

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