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Sodium sarcosinate CAS 4316-73-8

Sodium sarcosinate
Sodium sarcosinate package
Sodium sarcosinate
Sodium sarcosinate Quick Details:
  • Product name: Sodium sarcosinate
  • CAS No.: 4316-73-8
  • Molecular formula: C3H6NNaO2
  • Molecular weight: 111.08
  • Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
  • Assay: 40%
Sodium sarcosinate Specification:
Item Specifications
Content 40%-42%
Ammonia 100ppmMax
HCN 10ppmMax
Colour 300Max
Formaldehyde 100ppmMax
MIDA 5.0%Max
PH (50g/L,25℃) 12Min
Loss on drying 51.5%-58.0%
Heavy Metals 10ppmMax
Sodium sarcosinate Application:
  • 1. It is used in the production of n-acyl-amino acid, which is used as an advanced skin cream, toothpaste and shampoo, as well as advanced medical soap and cosmetics.
  • 2. It is also used as a fast dyestuff agent, anti-rust agent for lubricating oil, fiber dyeing auxiliaries, fiber dyeing auxiliaries, antistatic agents, soft processing agents and biochemical reagents.
Sodium sarcosinate Package and Storage:
  • 240kg/drum  or according to your requirement
  • The warehouse is ventilated, low temperature and dry

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