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Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 CAS 68608-26-4

Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 package
Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 package
Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 package
Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Quick Details:

Allyl glycidyl ether, It is brown-red translucent viscous body. It dissolves in water and becomes a translucent liquid, which is relatively stable to acid, alkali and hard water.

  • CAS No:68608-26-4
  • Molecular Formula: RSO3Na
  • Density: 1.19
  • Assay: 55% 60% 65%
  • Appearance: brown-red translucent viscous body
Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Specification:
Item Standard
Appearance Brown semitransparent dope
Assay(Sodium sulfonates wt.%) ≥65%
Mean Molecular Weight 400~500
Mineral Oil wt.% ≤30%
Volatile wt.%) ≤3%
Water, wt.% ≤4%
Inorganic Salts wt.% ≤1%
PH Cost 7~8
 Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Application:
  1. Mainly used as textile, printing and dyeing auxiliary and liquid detergent, emulsifier for vinyl chloride polymerization.
  2. Surfactant AS, used as an anionic surfactant, can also be used as detergent, lubricant, foaming agent.
  3. This product is used as an anti-rust additive and emulsifier. It has considerable salt water immersion resistance and good oil solubility. It has good anti-rust performance on ferrous metals and brass, and can be used as a variety of polar substances in oil. 的cosolvent. It has a strong ability to convert hand sweat and water, and is used in combination with other anti-rust additives. It is often used as cleaning and anti-rust oil, anti-rust grease and cutting fluid between processes.
Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Package:

200kg/drum or as your requirement

Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Storage:

Can be transported as general cargo. It can be stored in general yards and warehouses.


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