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Sodium percarbonate CAS 15630-89-4

Sodium percarbonate CAS 15630-89-4 sodium carbonate peroxide
Sodium percarbonate package
Sodium percarbonate package (2)
Sodium percarbonate CAS 15630-89-4 sodium carbonate peroxide
Sodium percarbonate Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name: Sodium percarbonate
  • CAS: 15630-89-4
  • Molecular Formula: C2Na2O6
  • Molecular Weight:166
  • Appearance: White crystal or crystal powder
  • Purity: Active Oxygen: (%) 13.5 Min
Sodium percarbonate Specification:
Items Specification
appearance White granular
available oxygen % >= 13.5
bulk density g/ml 0.80-1.20g/ml
Fee % <= 0.0015
Moisture 1st grade(60℃)<= 1
Wet stability (32,80% RH 48H)%>= 60
Heat stability(90℃,24h)>= 70
PH value(25℃) 10-11
Sodium percarbonate Application:

1. It is widely used as detergent auxiliaries and rinsing agents for daily life;
2. Used as bleaching agent, dyeing and finishing agent, dry bleaching agent in textile industry;
3. Used as pulp bleaching agent in paper industry;
4. Used for tableware disinfectant, metal surface treatment, descaling, sterilization, deodorant, etc.;
5. The product can quickly decompose when exposed to water, so it is widely used as a medical first aid oxygenator and aquatic oxygenator.

Sodium percarbonate Package and Storage:
  • 25 kg/bag  or according to your requirement
  • Avoid high temperature and humid storage environment; the stacking height should be controlled within ten packs.
Sodium percarbonate Storage:

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