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Sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6

Sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6(1)
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6(2)
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6(3)
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6(1)
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Quick Details
  • CAS No.: 2695-37-6
  • Molecular Formula: C8H7NaO3S
  • Molecular Weight: 206.19
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Assay: 90.0%min
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Specification
Item Standard Results
Appearance Free flowing granules or powder without visible contamination
Vinyl Activity (as SSS) % 89~100 93.1
Water % 8~12 10.5
Color (1% APHA )(Hazen) ≦50 15.0
PH( 10% aqueous solution ) 7.5~11 9.4
Filterable Matter % ≦0.06 0.01
Sodium Sulfate % ≦0.8 0.11
Halides % ≦6 1.4
Light absorbance /cm at 600 nm ≦0.035 0.005
Iron ppm ≦15 3
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Application
  • Used for preparing dyeing modifiers for polypropylene and acrylic fibers, reactive emulsifiers, charged preventive agents such as nylon, recording paper, polyester, sulfur exchange resin, etc.
  • Used as the third monomer for acrylic fiber production.
  • Dyeing improvers (propylene fiber, polyester, polypropylene fiber, rayon), reactive emulsifiers, polysulfide dislocations (dialysis membranes, batteries, artificial body membranes), charged preventive agents (nylon, recording paper, polyester), sulfur exchange resin (membrane), photo-realistic agents (micro-diaphragm), plating gloss agent.

25kg/Bag or Customized according to customer requirements


please store in ventilated, cool and dry place.

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