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Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP)CAS 10124-56-8

Sodium hexametaphosphate Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name:Sodium hexametaphosphate
  • CAS:10124-56-8
  • Molecular Formula:6Na.O18P6
  • Molecular Weight: 611.77
  • Appearance:White crystal powder
Sodium hexametaphosphate Specification:
Item Specification
Total phosphate(P2O5  ) % 68.0 min
Non-active phosphate (P2O5 ), % 7.5max
H2O  % 0.05max
Iron(Fe) % 0.05 max
PH value, 5.8 -7.0
Water-insoluble, %≤ 0.04 max
Sodium hexametaphosphate Application:
  1. Used in the food industry as a food quality improver, pH regulator, metal ion chelating agent, dispersant, expansion agent, etc.
  2. Used in photographic processing and printing and dyeing, as water softener, detergent, preservative, cement hardener, fiber and bleaching and dyeing cleaning agent
Sodium hexametaphosphate Package:


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