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Sodium gluconate CAS 527-07-1

Sodium gluconate CAS 527-07-1
Sodium gluconate CAS 527-07-1
Sodium gluconate Quick Details:
  • Product Name:Sodium gluconate
  • CAS No.: 527-07-1
  • Purity:98%
  • EINECS No:208-407-7
  • Molecular Formula:C6H11NaO7
  • Molecular weight:218.14
  • Appearance:white crystal powder
Sodium gluconate Specification:
Items Specification (Food Grade) Specification (indus. grade)
Description white crystal powder white or yellow crystalline powder or granula
Identification meets the requirements meets the requirements
Loss on dry % 0.40 max 0.40 max
Reducing substances, % 0.50 max 0.50 max
PH 6.2 ~ 7.8 6.2 ~ 7.8
Sulfate ,% 0.02 max 0.05 max
Chloride% 0.02 max 0.05 max
Pb ,ppm 1 max 0.001max
Arsenic salt ,ppm 2 max  
Heavy metals ,ppm 5max 0.002max
Assay 98.0-102.0 min ≥98.0 %
Sodium gluconate Application:

1.used as a steel surface cleaners, glass special cleaning agent.

2.used as a cement admixture, adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate will increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete

3.stabilizer, such as the petrochemical business cycle cooling water system, low pressure boiler, engine cooling water system treatment chemicals.

Sodium gluconate Packaging Details :

25kg/Bag or as your requirement

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