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Sodium dodecyl sulfate CAS 151-21-3

Sodium dodecyl sulfate
Sodium dodecyl sulfate package
Sodium dodecyl sulfate
Sodium dodecyl sulfate Quick Details:

Sodium dodecyl sulfate, It is white to slightly yellow powder with slight special smell. soluble in water.

  • CAS No:151-21-3
  • Molecular Formula: C12H25NaO4S
  • Molecular Weight: 288.38
  • Assay: 95%
  • Appearance: white powder
Sodium dodecyl sulfate Specification:
Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
Active matter (%) ≥95
petroleum ether soluble substances (%) ≤1.2
Na2SO4(%) ≤2.5
Water(%) ≤2.0
PH Value(1% aq solution) 8-9.3
Whiteness(WG) ≥80
Alkalinity ≤0.6
Total alcohols ≥59
Unsulfated alcohols ≤3.0
Sodium dodecyl sulfate Application:

1, surfactants, decontamination, foaming, wetting agents, etc.

2, relatively low-level ion pair reagents, when the requirements are not high, cheaper than heptane, sodium pentane sulfonate.

3, as a raw material, modification of materials.

4, capillary electrophoresis analysis, additives, generally used as a molar solution

5, other analytical methods will also be used, such as flow column analysis.

Sodium dodecyl sulfate Package:


Sodium dodecyl sulfate Storage:

Stored in dry conditions.


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