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Polycaprolactone CAS 24980-41-4

Polycaprolactone CAS 24980-41-4
Polycaprolactone CAS 24980-41-4
Polycaprolactone Detail
  • Chemical Name: Polycaprolactone
  • CAS No.: 24980-41-4
  • MW:114.1424
  • Molecular formula:C6H10O2
  • Appearance:White Pellets
  • Assay :99.9%
Polycaprolactone Specification:
Items Specification
Characters White round particles
Inherent Viscosity dl/g(Viscosimeter)
MN 60000-80000
Melt Index 22-26g /10 min150℃
Melting Point 58-60℃
Specific Gravity 1.08-1.12 g/ml(25℃)
Water Content ≤1.0%
Polydispersity index ≤1.8
Polycaprolactone Application:

Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable polymer, non-toxic, biodegradable in soil, excellent mixing, mechanical compatibility with many polymers and good adhesion to many substrates. Extrusion aids, mold lubricants, mold release agents, pigment and filler dispersion aids, and polyester segments in polyurethane and block polyesters.

Polycaprolactone Packaging Details:

25kg/Bag or as your requirement


Store at dry, dark and ventilated place.

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