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Pivalic acid CAS 75-98-9

Pivalic acid CAS 75-98-9
Pivalic acid CAS 75-98-9
Pivalic acid CAS 75-98-9
Pivalic acid CAS 75-98-9
Pivalic acid Details
  • Product Name:Pivalic acid
  • CAS Number:75-98-9
  • Molecular formula:C5H10O2
  • Molecular weight:102.13
  • Purity:99%
Pivalic acid Specification
Item Standard
Appearance White solid
Purity ≧99.0%
Water ≦0.3%
Pivalic acid Application
  • Trimethylacetic acid is also known as neovaleric acid, tert valeric acid or TERT valeric acid. Trimethylacetic acid is an intermediate for the production of carbamate insecticide fenpropargyl and herbicide clomazone.
  • Tert butyl peroxide, an initiator prepared from trimethylacetic acid, is a highly efficient initiator for polymerization of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, styrene and acrylate.
  • It is more stable than other peroxide initiators and can be used in aqueous solutions with various ph values and at low temperatures.
  • Trimethylacetic acid derivatives are widely used to introduce tert butyl functional groups into molecules, and can be used as perfume, liquid adhesive, lubricant, humidifier and primary raw materials.
  • Trimethylacetic acid can also be used as raw material for the treatment of arthritis, tuberculosis and psoriasis.
  • It is the key raw material for the production of ampicillin and cefazolin antibiotics trimethylacetyl chloride.
Pivalic acid packaging and Storage
  • 25KGS/Drum
  • It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.

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