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Phthalic anhydride CAS 85-44-9

Phthalic anhydride Quick Details:
  • CAS Number: 85-44-9
  • Molecular formula: C8H4O3
  • Molecular weight: 148.12
  • EINECS No.: 201-607-5
  • Assay:99%
  • Appearance:White Powder
Phthalic anhydride Specification:
Item Index
Appearance white scaly or crystalline powder with slight colors
molten Chroma(Chroma no. )≤ 100
thermostable Chroma(Chroma no. )≤
Chroma of vitriol(Chroma no. )≤ 150
crystallization point°C≥ 130.0
Purity(mass fraction)%≥ 99.00
Free acid(mass fraction)≤ % 0.50
Ash(mass fraction)%≤
Phthalic anhydride Application:
  • It is an intermediate of the fungicide Fendan, the insecticide imidophos, and the herbicide mediazon.
  • Phthalic anhydride is one of the most important organic chemical raw materials, and its main derivatives include dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl ester and diisobutyl phthalate, etc., which are used as plasticizers for PVC, etc.;
  • It can also be used to produce unsaturated polyester resins, alkyd resins, dyes and pigments, various paints, food additives, phenolphthalein, a laxative in medicine, imithiophos in pesticides, fenamizone, and sodium saccharin, etc.
Phthalic anhydride Package:


Phthalic anhydride Storage:

Store at RT.


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