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Methyl methacrylate CAS 80-62-6

Methyl methacrylate Quick Details:
  • CAS Number: 80-62-6
  • Molecular formula: C5H8O2
  • Molecular weight: 100.12
  • EINECS number: 201-297-1
  • Appearance:Colorless liquid
  • Purity:99%
Methyl methacrylate Specification:
Item Specification
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid no turbidity and suspended
Hazen(platinum-cobalt) ≤5
Density(20℃)/(g/cm3 0.942-0.944
Acid ratio(Methacrylic acid)/(mg/kg) ≤50
Water ratio(mg/kg) ≤400
Methyl Methacrylate,w% ≥99.9
Stabilizer(Topanol A)ppm 5±1
Methyl methacrylate Application:

Mainly used as a monomer of plexiglass, but also used in making other plastics, coatings, etc

Methyl methacrylate Package and Storage:
  • 190kg/drum
  • Refrigerator

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