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Magnesium carbonate CAS 546-93-0

Magnesium carbonate CAS 546-93-0 (1)
Magnesium carbonate CAS 546-93-0(2)
Magnesium carbonate CAS 546-93-0(3)
Magnesium carbonate CAS 546-93-0 (1)
Magnesium carbonate Quick Detail:
  • English name: Magnesium carbonate
  • CAS Number: 546-93-0/13717-00-5
  • Molecular Formula:CMgO3
  • Molecular Weight: 84.31
  • EINECS Number: 208-915-9
  • Assay: 40.0%min
  • Appearance: White powder
Magnesium carbonate Specification:
Specification GB 25587-2010 FCC VII
Content (MgO),w/% 40.0-44.0 40.0-43.5
Acid-insoluble substances ,w/% ≤ 0.05 0.05
Heavymetals (As Pb),w/% ≤ 0.001 ————
CaO,w/% ≤ 0.60 0.60
Solublesalts,w/% ≤ 1.0 1.0
Pb, mg/kg ≤ ———— 2.0
Arsenic(As),mg/kg ≤ 3 ————
Magnesium carbonate Appearance:
  1. Used in the manufacture of magnesium salts, magnesium oxide, fireproof coatings, inks, glass, toothpaste, rubber fillers, etc., and used as flour improvers and bread leavening agents in foods.
  2. Neutralizing gastric acid medicine for gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  3. Alkaline agent, desiccant, color retention agent, anti-caking agent, carrier, leavening agent and acidity regulator. EEC can be used for: table salt, powdered sugar, acidified cream, milk, ice cream, biscuits. Used to formulate chemical leavening agents. The residue in the food should not exceed 0.5%. Used to prevent caking of table salt, the addition amount is 0.1%~0.3%.
Magnesium carbonate Package:

25kg/bag or Customized according to customer requirements


This product should be sealed in a cool and dry place.

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