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Lead monoxide cas 1317-36-8

Lead monoxide cas 1317-36-8
Lead monoxide cas 1317-36-8
Lead monoxide cas 1317-36-8
Lead monoxide cas 1317-36-8
Lead monoxide quick details:
  • Product name: LEAD OXIDE/Lead(II) oxide
  • Chemical name: Lead monoxide
  • Cas No.: 1317-36-8
  • Molecular formula:OPb
  • Molecular weight:223.1994
  • Assay: 99.6%min
  • Appearance: Yellow powder
Lead monoxide Specification:
Item Standard
Content of lead monoxide (Pb) 99.6%min
Content of Lead Metal /Pb 0.05% max
Content of Iron Sesquioxide (Fe2O3) 0.001%max
Moisture 0.2%max
Content of Lead Superoxide (PbO2) 0.05%max
Content of Copper Oxide(CuO)  0.002%max
Unsoluble in Nitric Acid 0.10%max
Size Remains on sieve 88um orders:99.5% min
Bi 0.002%max
Lead monoxide Packing:


Lead monoxide Application:
  • Used in the manufacture of stabilizers for polyvinyl chloride plastics.
  • In the paint industry, it is made into lead soap with oil and used as a drier in paint.
  • It is used to manufacture high-refractive Optical glass, ceramic enamel, and surface abrasive for precision machine tools.
  • It is a medical raw material and rubber coloring agent. It is also used in battery plate manufacturing and petroleum refining.
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