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Laurocapram CAS 59227-89-3

Laurocapram CAS 59227-89-3(1)
Laurocapram CAS 59227-89-3(2)
Laurocapram CAS 59227-89-3(3)
Laurocapram CAS 59227-89-3(1)
Laurocapram Quick Details:

CAS No: 59227-89-3
Molecular Formula: C18H35NO
Molecular Weight: 281.48
Assay: 97%
Appearance: Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Laurocapram Specification:
Appearance colorless and transparent viscous liquid
Density 0.906~0.926
Refractive index 1.470~1.473
Viscosity 32~34mm2/s
Caprolactam and related substances Compliance
Bromide  ≤0.1%
pH Compliance
Residue on ignition Less than 0.1%
Laurocapram Application:
  • Used as penetrant, used in various creams and hair products in cosmetics;
  • Used as a penetration enhancer for topical drug application and massage;
  • Used in pesticides, as absorption enhancers for plant growth regulators, and penetration enhancers for bactericidal and insecticides;
  • In addition, it can also be used as a coloring accelerator in leather, printing and dyeing and other fields.
Laurocapram Package:

500ml/bottle, 20 bottles/box  or Customized according to customer requirements

Laurocapram Storage:

Sealed and protected from light

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