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Inositol CAS 87-89-8

Inositol CAS 87-89-8
Inositol CAS 87-89-8
Inositol CAS 87-89-8
Inositol CAS 87-89-8
Inositol Details
  • Product name: Inositol
  • Cas Number:87-89-8
  • Molecular formula:C6H12O6
  • Molecular weight:180.16
  • Purity:99%
Inositol Specification
Item Standard
Description White or almost white, crystalline powder, Very soluble in water; practically insoluble in alcohol absolute and in ether
Assay 97%-102%
Barium Should meet the requirement
Limit of Lead NMT 0.5mg/kg
Organic Impurities Individual impurities:NMT 0.3%Total impurities:NMT 1.0%
Clarity of solution The sample solution shows the same clarity as that of water
Color of solution The sample solution is not more intensely colored than standard solution A, standard solution B, standard solution C, or water
Conductivity NMT 20mS/cm
Water NMT 0.5%
Total Aerobic Bacteria NMT 103cfu/g
Molds Yeasts NMT 102cfu/g
Escherichia Coil Negative
Slamonella Negative/25g
Inositol Application
  • Used in medicine, chemical industry, food, etc. It has curative effect on hepatic vascular sclerosis and can be used as raw material for high-grade cosmetics.
Inositol packaging and Storage
  • 25kg / drum
  • It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.

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