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Hexaflumuron CAS 86479-06-3

Hexaflumuron CAS 86479-06-3 (3)
Hexaflumuron CAS 86479-06-3 (2)
Hexaflumuron CAS 86479-06-3 (1)
Hexaflumuron CAS 86479-06-3 (3)
Hexaflumuron Quick Details:

Hexaflumuron , a benzoylurea insecticide, is a chemically stable chemical that is soluble in acetone and dichloromethane. It is a chitin synthesis inhibitor with high insecticidal and egg killing activity, and is fast acting, especially in controlling cotton bollworm. Mainly used for controlling various Coleoptera, Diptera, and Homoptera insects in cotton, potatoes, and fruit trees.

  • CAS No.: 86479-06-3
  • Molecular Formula: C16H8Cl2F6N2O3
  • Molecular weight: 14
  • Appearance: White to cream powder
  • Assay: 95% Min.
Hexaflumuron Specification:
Items Specification
Appearance White to cream powder
A. I. Content, % 95.0 min
Loss on drying, % 0.30 max
PH Value 4.0~7.0
Insoluble in Acetone, % 0.10 max
Hexaflumuron Application:
  • Hexaflumuron is highly efficacious against Coleoptera, Diptera, Homoptera, Coleoptera,Lepidoptera insects.
  • Hexaflumuron has special efficacy on Lepidoptera Noctuidae insects, such as Tobacco Budworm, Cotton Bollworm, Cabbage Butterfly, Asiatic Apple Leafminer, Leaf Roller, and Citrus Leaf Miner, etc.
Hexaflumuron Package:



Store at room temperature

Safety Protection:

Moderately toxic by ingestion. If pesticide poisoning occurs, immediately send to hospital for emergency treatment.

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