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Glyoxylic acid CAS 298-12-4

Glyoxylic acid CAS 298-12-4
Glyoxylic acid CAS 298-12-4
Glyoxylic acid Quick Details:

Chemical Name:Glyoxylic acid

CAS: 298-12-4

Molecular Formula:C2H2O3

Molecular Weight: 74.04

Appearance:Colorless liquid


Character:Glyoxylic acid is a kind of organic acid material, can be obtained from water semi-hydrated crystal, has an unpleasant smell.Slightly soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene.

Glyoxylic acid Specification:
Item Specification
Appearance Yellowish transparent liquid
Glyoxylic Acid 50.0%±0.5%
Oxalic   Acid max1.0%
Nitric    Acid max0.20%
Glyoxal max0.25%
Glyoxylic acid Application:

Used in paints,synthetic leather,leather surface treated,agents,wash gun water(spray factory),can instead of acetone,MEK, ethyl acetate,methylbenzene and other high cost or dangerous chemicals solvent.


  1. With most organic solvents;
  2. With a wide range of solubility, dissolved acrylic, vinyl, nitro cellulose, epoxy,polyurethane, polyester, phenolic resin
  3. Than the acetone has a higher flash point and higher control performance,can better meet coating, paint formulation and process the user’s requirements
  4. In the process of formulation requires the use of low boiling point volatile organic solvent, the application can replace acetate and acetone, butanone;
  5. The material can replace polyurethane cyclopentane as foaming agent, such as HCFCs, environmental protection;
  6. The use of environmentally friendly solvents, not limited.
Glyoxylic acid Package:

25kg/Drum &200kg/Drum


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