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Gibberellic acid (GA3)CAS 77-06-5

Gibberellic acid (GA3)CAS 77-06-5(1)
Gibberellic acid (GA3)CAS 77-06-5(1)
Gibberellic acid Quick Details:
  • Product Name: Gibberellic acid
  • CAS No.:77-06-5
  • EINECS: 201-001-0
  • Molecular Formula:C19H22O6
  • Molecular Weight:346.37
  • Appearance:White powder
Gibberellic acid  Specification:
Item Specification
Meltingpoint 227°C
alpha 82.5º(c=10,ethanol)
density 1.34g/cm3(20℃)
refractiveindex 81°(C=2,MeOH)
storagetemp. 0-6°C
solubility 5g/l
form Powder
pka 4.0(at25℃)
color Whitetopaleyellow
WaterSolubility 5g/L(20ºC)
Merck 144,419
BRN 54346
Gibberellic acid Application:

Used as plant growth regulator for potato, tomato, rice, wheat, cotton, soybean, tobacco and fruit tree to promote growth, germination, flowering and fruiting.

Gibberellic acid Packaging Details:


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