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Ethanol CAS 64-17-5

Ethanol Quick Details:
  • Product name:Ethanol
  • CAS No.:64-17-5
  • MF:C2H6O
  • EINECS No.:200-578-6
  • Appearnce:Colorless liquid
  • Purity:99%/95%/75%
Ethanol Specification:
Item Result
Content of ethanol(CH3CH2OH),% 99.9/95%/75%
Density(20℃),g/ml 0.790
Mass fraction of evaporation residue,% 0.0001
Acidity (in H﹢),mmol/100g 0.01
Alkalinity(in OH﹣),mmol/100g 0
Moisture,% 0.4
Methanol(CH3OH),% not detected(<0.0001)
Isopropanol((CH3)2CHOH),% not detected(<0.00005)
Carbon-based compound(in CO),% <0.005
Easily carbonizable substance The color of the solution is lighter than that of R / 25
Iron(Fe),% <0.00001
Zinc(Zn),% not detected(<0.00001)
Reduction of potassium permanganate <0.0006
Experiment with water Clear solution, no odor
Ethanol Application:
  • Disinfection
  • Freeze protection, heat transfer and hydraulic fluids; Natural gas
    And hydrocarbon treating agents;
  • Hydroscopic agents for paper, cork and textile conditioning;
Ethanol Packge and Storage:
  • 160kg/drum or customized
  • Cool and ventilated

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