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Dioctyl sebacate CAS 122-62-3

Dioctyl sebacate detail:
  • Chemical Name: Dioctyl sebacate
  • CAS No.:122-62-3
  • MW:426.67
  • Molecular formula:C26H50O4
  • Appearance:Colorless Liquid
  • Assay :99%
Dioctyl sebacate Specification:
Item Index
 Colority (Pt-Co), number ≤50
 Ester content,%(m/m) ≥99.0
 Acidity (in sebacic acid),%(m/m) ≤0.02
Decrement by heating (125℃ 2h) ,%(m/m) ≤0.3
 Density (20℃) , (g/cm3) 0.913-0.916
 Moisture,%(m/m) ≤0.10
 Appearance Light-yellow transparent liquid,

No visible impurity

Dioctyl sebacate Application:

It is a typical cold resistant plasticizer, suitable for polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride – vinyl acetate copolymer, polymethyl methacrylate, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose and synthetic rubber, etc. Its high plasticizing efficiency, low volatility, not only has excellent cold resistance, but also has good heat resistance, light resistance and electrical insulation, and heating with good lubricity, so that the appearance of products, feel good, especially suitable for the production of cold-resistant wire and cable materials, artificial leather, film and adhesives.

Dioctyl sebacate Packaging Details:

200kg/Drum or as your requirement


Store at dry, dark and ventilated place.

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