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Diniconazole CAS 83657-24-3

Diniconazole CAS 83657-24-3 (2)
Diniconazole CAS 83657-24-3 (1)
Diniconazole CAS 83657-24-3 (3)
Diniconazole CAS 83657-24-3 (2)
Diniconazole Quick Details:

Diniconazole is an azole fungicide and an inhibitor of sterol demethylation. It has both protective, therapeutic, and eradication effects, as well as broad-spectrum, inward aspirated, and apical antifungal activity. It has good effects on diseases such as rust, powdery mildew, black spot disease, and cercospora, such as ascomycetes, basidiomycetes, and half known fungi.

  • CAS No.: 83657-24-3
  • Molecular Formula: C15H17Cl2N3O
  • Molecular Weight: 326.22
  • Appearance: White to gray powder
  • Assay: 95%
Diniconazole Specification:
Item Specification
Appearance White to gray powder
Content, % ≥95
Water, % ≤0.5
Acetone insoluble material, % ≤0.5
pH value 5.0-8.0
Diniconazole Package:

25kg/fiber drum or custom accord to your request

Diniconazole Application:

Control of leaf and ear diseases (e.g. powdery mildew, Septoria, Fusarium, smuts, bunt, rusts, scab, etc.) in cereals; powdery mildew in vines; powdery mildew, rust, and black spot in roses; leaf spot in peanuts; Sigatoka disease in bananas; and Uredinales in coffee. Also used on fruit, vegetables, and other ornamentals.

Diniconazole Formulation:

12.5%WP; 50%WG; 5% DS;125g/L, 250g/L EC/ME

Diniconazole Storage:

Preserve in well-closed container at ventilated, dry place.

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