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Dimethyl disulfide CAS 624-92-0

Dimethyl disulfide CAS 624-92-0
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Dimethyl disulfide CAS 624-92-0
Dimethyl disulfide Quick Details:
  • Product Name: Dimethyl disulfide
  • CAS No.:624-92-0
  • EINECS: 210-871-0
  • Molecular Formula:C2H6S2
  • Molecular Weight:94.2
  • Appearance:Light yellow transparent liquid
Dimethyl disulfide Specification:
Items Specifications
Appearance clear colorless liquid
Purity(%) 99.5min
Color(APHA) 120max
Sulphur Content(% wt) 67.9-68.3
Water Content(% wt) 0.06max
Methyl Mercaptan(% wt) 0.01max
Flash point(℃) 16℃
Dentisy(20/4℃) 1.060-1.065
Dimethyl disulfide Application:

Used as solvent and pesticide intermediates, fuel and lubricating oil additives, coking inhibitors for ethylene cracking furnaces and oil refining units, etc.

Dimethyl disulfide Packaging and Shipping:

Packing: ISO Tank, 200kg/drum or as your requirement

Belonging to 3rd Class dangerous goods,UN 2381 3/PG 2

Dimethyl disulfide Storage:

Stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlightand water, separated from oxidants and acids

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