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Deltamethrin CAS 52918-63-5

Deltamethrin CAS 52918-63-5 (2)
Deltamethrin CAS 52918-63-5 (3)
Deltamethrin CAS 52918-63-5 (1)
Deltamethrin CAS 52918-63-5 (2)
Deltamethrin Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name: Deltamethrin
  • CAS No.: 52918-63-5
  • Molecular Formula: C22H19Br2NO3
  • Molecular Weight: 505.2
  • Appearance: White to pale yellow powder
  • Assay: 98%
Deltamethrin Specification:
Item Specification
Appearance White to pale yellow powder
Content, % ≥98,
Water, % ≤0.5%
Active insoluble material, % ≤0.5%
Deltamethrin pesticide Application:
  1. In crop: used commonly to control caterpillars on apples, pears and hops, and for the control of aphids, mealy bugs, scale insects, and whiteflies on glasshouse cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, potted plants, and ornamentals. Safety period for tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and potatoes: 3 days; for other crops: 7 days.
  2. For public health: used to control crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, flies, bugs and flying insects such as house flies and mosquitoes. It can be sprayed as ULV, thermal fogging and surface spray.
Deltamethrin pesticide Formulation:

25g/L, 50g/L EC/EW/ME; 2.5%, 5%WP

Deltamethrin pesticide Package:

25kg fiber drum or according to your request

Deltamethrin pesticide Storage:

Preserve in well-closed container at ventilated, dry place.

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