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Cumyl hydroperoxide / CHP CAS 80-15-9

Cumyl hydroperoxide CAS 80-15-9
Cumyl hydroperoxide CAS 80-15-9
Cumyl hydroperoxide Quick Details:

Product Name:Cumyl hydroperoxide

CAS No.: 80-15-9

EINECS: 201-254-7

Molecular Formula:C9H12O2

Molecular Weight: 152.19

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

Cumyl hydroperoxide Specification:
Items Specifications
Cumene hydroperoxide WT% 80-85% Min
APHA 100Max
PH 4-7
Active oxygen content 8.4-8.93
Cumyl hydroperoxide Application:

CUMENE HYDROPEROXIDE can be used as natural rubber latex with a vulcanizing agent, also can be used as a polymerization initiator.Used for removing arsenic in ethylene, styrene butadiene rubber, plastic, ABS, acrylic ester polymerization AB glue, also can be used for other organic peroxide reaction and polymer additives.

Cumyl hydroperoxide Package:

200Kg/drum, IBC drum


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