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Chimassorb 944 CAS 71878-19-8

Chimassorb 944
Chimassorb 944 package
Chimassorb 944 package
Chimassorb 944
Chimassorb 944 Quick Details:

Chimassorb 944, This product is light yellow powder. Light stabilizer TH-944 has low volatility and good stability, which can protect polymer materials from photodegradation and thermal degradation caused by ultraviolet light irradiation and long-term thermal aging.

  • CAS No:71878-19-8
  • Molecular Formula:C35H69Cl3N8
  • Molecular Weight: 708.33496
  • Appearance: lwhite powder
Chimassorb 944 Specification:
Appearance White or light yellow solid
Volatiles ≤0.50 %
Molecular Weight 2000-3100 g•cm-1
Mass Loss(At 5%) ≥360℃
Ash ≤0.1%
Softening Point 110-130℃
Chroma(Apah) ≤80
Light Transmittance(425nm) ≥93%
Light Transmittance(450nm) ≥95%
 Chimassorb 944 Application:

Suitable for low density polyethylene film, polypropylene fiber, polypropylene tape, EVA film, ABS, polystyrene and food packaging.

Chimassorb 944 Package:

25kg/drum or as your requirement

Chimassorb 944 Storage:

Keep in a dry and cool place.


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