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Calcium fluoride CAS 7789-75-5

Calcium fluoride CAS 7789-75-5
Calcium fluoride CAS 7789-75-5
Calcium fluoride CAS 7789-75-5
Calcium fluoride CAS 7789-75-5
Calcium fluoride Quick Details
  • Product name:Calcium fluoride Quick Details
  • CAS Number:7789-75-5
  • Molecular formula:CaF2
  • Molecular weight:78.07
  • EINECS number:232-188-7
  • Assay:99%
Calcium fluoride Specification
Item Specifications Results
Appearance Light Yellow powder Conform
CaF2 % ≥99.00 99.20
CaCO3 % ≤1.20 1.00
SiO2 % ≤1.50 1.43
S % ≤0.05 % 0.025
P % ≤0.03 % 0.01
Moisture% ≤1.00% 0.35
Mesh 100 0.12
Calcium fluoride Application
  • Metallurgical industry: fluorite has the characteristics of reducing the melting point of refractory substances, promoting the flow of slag, separating slag and metal well, desulfurization and dephosphorization during smelting, and enhancing the calcinability and tensile strength of metals. Therefore, it is widely used as a flux in steel smelting and ferroalloy production, iron processing and non-ferrous metal smelting. Fluorite ore for smelting generally requires a calcium fluoride content of more than 65%, and also has certain requirements for the main impurity silica, and has strict limits on sulfur and phosphorus. The sulfur and phosphorus contents should not be higher than 0.3% and 0.08%, respectively.
  • Chemical industry: the main raw material for the production of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, the basic raw material for fluorine chemicals (Freon, fluoropolymer, fluorine-containing fine chemicals)
  • Cement industry: the mineralizer for producing cement clinker can reduce the sintering temperature, easy to calcine, short firing time and save energy.
  • Glass industry: the production of emulsified glass, opaque glass and colored glass, can reduce the temperature of glass smelting, improve the melt, accelerate the melting, and thus reduce the fuel consumption ratio
  • Ceramic industry: the flux and opacifier for the manufacture of ceramics and enamel, and one of the indispensable ingredients for the preparation of glaze.
Calcium fluoride Package and Storage
  • 25KG/Bag
  • -20°C

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