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Cadmium sulfate CAS 10124-36-4

Cadmium sulfate CAS 10124-36-4 (3)
Cadmium sulfate CAS 10124-36-4 (1)
Cadmium sulfate CAS 10124-36-4 (1)
Cadmium sulfate CAS 10124-36-4 (3)
Cadmium sulfate Quick Details
  • Product Name: Cadmium sulfate
  • CAS No.: 10124-36-4
  • Molecular Formula: CdO4S
  • Molecular Weight: 208.47
  • Appearance: White crystal powder
  • Assay: 99.0%min
Cadmium sulfate Specification
Items Specifications
Appearance White crystal powder
CdO4S ≥99%
Water insoluble matter ≦0.005%
Oxide ≦0.003%
Chloride ≦0.006%
Cu ≦0.002%
Fe ≦0.006%
Ai ≦0.01%
Zn ≦0.005%
Pd ≦0.02%
Cadmium sulfate Application
  • It can be used as a reagent and catalyst for the determination of hydrogen sulfide and butenedioic acid. Used for disinfection and astringent cadmium batteries and cadmium fertilizer manufacturing.
  • It can be used as the main component of the electroplating solution in the acid cadmium plating method of the electroplating industry. The battery industry is used as an electrolyte for cadmium batteries, Weston batteries and other standard batteries. In medicine, it is used as an antiseptic and astringent in eye washes such as keratitis. It can also be used to make other cadmium salts and standard cadmium elements

25kg/bag or requirement


Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It should be stored separately from oxidants and edible chemicals, and avoid mixed storage. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

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