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Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0

Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0
Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0 (2)
Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0 (2)
Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0

Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0 Quick Review:

Cadmium oxide is an oxide of cadmium with a molecular formula of CdO, which can cause cancer. At room temperature, it is brownish red to brownish black amorphous powder or cubic crystal system fine crystals. It is soluble in acid, ammonia and ammonium salt solution, but insoluble in water and alkali.

  • CAS NO.: 1306-19-0
  • Molecular formula: CdO
  • Appearance: Orange or brown powder
  • Molecular weight: 128.41
  • EINECS NO.: 215-146-2
  • Purity: 99%

Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0 Specification:

Items Specifications
Appearance Orange or brownish red, green or white spots are not allowed
Degree of looseness ≥0.42ɡ/cm³
Electrochemical capacity ≥290mAh/ɡ
Specific surface area ≥2.1㎡/ɡ
CdO ≥99%
Cd ≥86%
TI ≦0.001%
Fe ≦0.004%
Pb ≦0.002%
Cu ≦0.004%
Zn ≦0.005%
As ≦0.003%
Chloride ≦0.005%
Sulfate ≦0.005%
Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter ≦0.001%

Use Of Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0:

It is used in the manufacture of other cadmium salts, phosphor, semiconductor, silver alloy, battery electrode, ceramic glaze and etc.

Package of Cadmium Oxide CAS 1306-19-0:

This product is packed in cartons with plastic lining or in compound paper bags with net weight of 25 kg. We can also pack according to our customers’ requests.


This product should be stored in shady, cool and ventilating place, kept from wet and heat during storage and transportation.


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