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Cadmium oxide CAS 1306-19-0

Cadmium oxide
Cadmium oxide package
Cadmium oxide package (2)
Cadmium oxide
Cadmium oxide Quick Details:
  • Product name: Cadmium oxide
  • CAS No.:1306-19-0
  • Molecular formula: CdO
  • Molecular weight: 128.41
  • Assay: 99%
  • Appearance: Orange to reddish brown powder
Cadmium oxide Specification:
Item Specifications
Appearance Orange to reddish brown powder
Electrochemical capacity ≥280mAh/g
(CdO) ≥87%
(Cd) ≥75%
(TI) ≤0.004%
(Fe) ≤0.001%
(Pb) ≤0.001%
(Cu) ≤0.004%
(Zn) ≤0.005%
(Chloride) ≤0.004%
(SO4) ≤0.004%
(Insoluble in HCl) ≤0.01%
Cadmium oxide Application:

1. Used to make metal cadmium and cadmium salt, and used as catalyst, ceramic pigment, cadmium electroplating solution, etc.
2. Organic reaction catalyst, manufacture of other cadmium salts, phosphors, semiconductors, manufacture of silver alloys, battery electrodes, ceramic glazes, electrical contacts.

Cadmium oxide Package:

25kg/bag or customized

Cadmium oxide Storage:

The warehouse is ventilated, low temperature and dry

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