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Bisphenol S/ Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) Sulfone CAS 80-09-1

Bisphenol S Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name: Bisphenol S; 4 4-Sulfonyldiphenol; Bis 4-hydroxyphenyl Sulfone
  • CAS No.: 80-09-1
  • Molecular Fomula: C12H10O4S
  • Molecular weight: 250.27
  • Appearance: Pink powder, Almost White powder,White powder
  • Assay:70%;95%;98%;99.5%
Bisphenol S Specification:
Items Specifications
Appearance Pink powder, Almost White powder,White powder
Assay 70%;95%;98%;99.5%
Moisture 1%max
Melting point 225-230℃
2,4′-Sulfonyldiphenol 4% max
Bisphenol S Application:
  • Mainly used as fixing agent
  • Used as plating bath additive, leather tanning agent, dispersing agent for the high temperature dyeing of disperse dye, phenolic resin hardening accelerator and resin flame retardant
  • Used as an intermediate for pesticides, dyes and auxiliaries
  • As a substitute for bisphenol A, it can be used as a raw material for polycarbonate, epoxy resin, polyester and phenolic resin.
  • Used as a color photographic material, a contrast enhancer, a thermosensitive recording material (color developing agent), a daily surfactant and a high-efficiency deodorant
Bisphenol S Packaging:


Bisphenol S Storage:

Stored in a dry and ventilated place away from sunlight


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