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Arbutin CAS 497-76-7

Arbutin CAS 497-76-7
Arbutin CAS 497-76-7
Arbutin Quick Details:
  • Product Name:Arbutin
  • CAS No.:100403-19-8
  • Purity:99%
  • EINECS No:207-850-3
  • Molecular Formula:C12H16O7
  • Molecular weight:272.25
  • Appearance:White powder
Arbutin Specification:
Product name Alpha arbutin β-arbutin Deoxyarbutin
Purity(Test byHPLC) ≥99% ≥99% ≥98%
Appearance White crystal powder White crystal powder White crystal powder
CAS No. 84380-01-8 497-76-7 53936-56-4
Molecular formula C12H16O7 C12H16O7 C11H14O3
Melting point 195-196°C 199 ~ 202°C(±0.5) 86-87℃
Boiling point 561.6±50.0 °C  375.31°C 349.8±32.0 °C
Density(g/cm3) 1.556±0.06 1.3582 1.174
Acidity factor (pKa) 10.10±0.15 10.10±0.15 10.10±0.15
Arbutin Application:

Used in medicine as a diuretic, urinary system anti-infective,

Used as a developing stabilizer for color photography,

Used in cosmetics for whitening, freckle removal, hair care, etc.

Arbutin Packaging Details:

25kg/Drum or as your requirement

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