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Ammonium polyphosphate CAS 68333-79-9

Ammonium polyphosphate Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name: Ammonium Polyphosphate
  • CAS No.: 68333-79-9
  • Molecular Formula:H12N3O4P
  • Molecular Weight: 149.086741
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Assay:31%min
Ammonium polyphosphate Specification:
Appearance White powder
P2O5 ≥71%
N ≥14%
pH (25℃ 10%Aqueous Solution ) 5.0-7.5
Solubility(25℃10%Aqueous Solution) ≤0.5%
Viscosity(25℃10%Aqueous Solution) ≤100m Pa.s
n ≥1000
Grain Size 10-16μ m
Particle size (D50) 6.0-15.0μ m
Ammonium polyphosphate Application:
  • 1.Used as a flame retardant for flame retardant fibers, wood, plastics, fire retardant coatings, etc
  • 2.Used as fertilizer
  • 3.Used as an inorganic additive type flame retardant for the manufacture of flame retardant coatings, flame retardant plastics and flame retardant rubber products
  • 4.Used as a tissue improver; emulsifier; stabilizer; chelating agent; yeast food; pickling aid; water binding agent
  • 5.Used in cheese
Ammonium polyphosphate Package:


Ammonium polyphosphate Storage:

Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place out of sunlight


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