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Allantoin CAS 97-59-6

Allantoin package
Allantoin package2
Allantoin Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name: Allantoin
  • CAS No.: 97-59-6
  • Molecular formula: C4H6N4O3
  • Molecular weight: 158.12
  • Assay: 99%
  • Appearance: White crystal powder
Allantoin Specification:
Appearance  white Powder
Fineness >500
Odor  Odorless
Assay ( % )  98.50-101.00%
PH  4.00-6.00
Nitroren 35.00-35.50
M.P( ºC )  >225
Heavy metals  ppm  ≤10ppm
Loss on drying ( % ) <0.20
Ash( % ) <0.10
Optical rotation  -0.1°- +0.1°
Allantoin Application:

Allantoin is an important fine chemical product with a wide range of uses. It is widely used in medicine, light industry, agriculture, daily chemicals, biological engineering, etc.:

  1. In medicine: Good healing agent and anti-ulcer agent for skin wounds.
  2. In cosmetics: Widely used as an additive for freckles cream, acne lotion, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving lotion, hair conditioner, astringent, anti-perspiration deodorant, etc.
  3. In agriculture: Allantoin is an excellent plant growth regulator
Allantoin Package and Storage:
  • 25 kg/drum  or customized
  • Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources.

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