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Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 CAS 91082-17-6

Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 CAS 91082-17-6
Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 CAS 91082-17-6
Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 Quick Details:
  • Product Name: Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 
  • CAS NO:91082-17-6
  • Molecular formula: C21H36O3S
  • Molecular weight: 368.57400
  • EINECS No: 293-728-5   
  • Appearance: Light yellow liquid
Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 Specification:
Specification Testing Result
Colorless transparent liquid
Hazen mg/100ml
Acidity (%)
Flashpoint(Open Cup)℃
Ester Assay(%)
Heating loss(%)(125℃ hours)%
Excellent grade
Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 Application:

1. This product is used as a variety of products based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), natural rubber (NR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), nitrile rubber (NBR) and neoprene (CR) Plasticizer.
2. Polyurethane sealant: single-component and two-component systems;
3. Cleaning category: as cleaning agent for PU foaming machine
4. Calendering: films for the automotive industry, tunnel inner walls and other industries such as swimming pool covers, shower curtains, welding films, electrical insulation films;
5. Slush plastic: slush plastic toys;
6. Plastic dip: PVC disposable gloves and other plastic dip products such as PVC vinyl toys, PVC coated cloth, PVC synthetic leather, PVC calendered film, PVC swimming pool, PVC blow-molded toys;
7. Extrusion: profiles, connectors, pipes, weather-resistant and alkali-resistant profiles and blown films for the automotive industry;
8. Injection molding: work shoes, industrial products;
9. Coating: Inflatable products, protective cloth coatings, raincoats, bathroom mats, etc .;
10. Coatings: nitrolacquer (NC paint) plasticizing; 11. Personal care products: nail polish, hair  spray, soap and shampoo, etc 

Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester T-50 package:

200KG Drum/ IBC DRUM.

Sulfonic acids, C10-21-alkane, Ph esters Details Storage

Sulfonic acids, C10-21-alkane, Ph esters (T-50) is sensitive to moisture, so it must be stored in a sealed original barrel and placed in a dry place. If stored properly, this product can be kept for 2 years or longer.

During storage, phenyl alkyl sulfonate cannot be in contact with iron for a long time to avoid discoloration.

Recommendations for raw materials for transportation and storage containers: aluminum, stainless steel (V4A or V2A); oil drums must have an oil-resistant coating.

In order to ensure that the Sulfonic acids, C10-21-alkane, Ph esters can be easily extracted from the outdoor tank truck at low temperature, the tank truck should first isolate or slightly heat the alkyl sulfonate. Warm water is the ideal heating medium, but it is absolutely necessary To avoid steam heating, the heating coil must be aluminum or stainless steel (V4A).


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