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Agmatine sulfate CAS 2482-00-0

1 Agmatine sulfate CAS 2482-00-0
2 Agmatine sulfate CAS 2482-00-0 (1)
2 Agmatine sulfate CAS 2482-00-0 (2)
1 Agmatine sulfate CAS 2482-00-0
Agmatine sulfate Quick Details
  • Product Name: Agmatine sulfate
  • CAS No.: 2482-00-0
  • EINECS No: 219-617-3
  • Molecular formula: C5H16N4O4S
  • Molecular weight: 228.27
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Purity:  95.0%-105.0%
Agmatine sulfate Specification
Test items Specification
Description White to off-white crystalline powder
Identification(HPLC) HPLC
Identification B/(Assay method)HPLC;USP<621>  of the major peck complies with SBECD referance
Identification C/CE;UPS<1053> Meets the requirements of the  test for Average Degree of Substitution
Identification D/USP<191> Positive test for sodium
Assay/HPLC;USP <621> 95.0%-105.0% on the anhydrous basis
Limit of Beta Cyclodextrin(Betadex)IC;USP<621>;USP<1065> NMT0.1%
Limit of 1,4-Butane Sultone/GC;USP<621> NMT0.5ppm
Limit of  Sodium chloride/IC;USP<621>;USP<1065> NMT0.2%
Limit of 4-Hydroxybutane-1-sulfonic acid /IC;USP<621>;USP<1065> NMT0.09%
Limit of Bis(4-solufobuty)ehter disodium/IC;USP<621>;USP<1065> NMT0.05%
Bacterial Endotoxins Test /USP <85> ≦10EU/g
Microbial Enumeration /USP <61> TAMC≦100cfu/g TYMC ≦50cfu/g
Tests for Specified Microorganisms /USP <62> Absence of Escherichia Coli/1g
Clarity of Solution(30%,w/v)/Visual;see details in the USP Monograph The solution id clear,and essentially free from particles of foreign matter
Average Degree of substitution[DS]/CE;USP <1053> 6.2-6.9
Agmatine sulfate Application
  • Agmatine sulfate Used in pharmaceutical raw materials, sports nutrition supplements, food additives
Agmatine sulfate Package and Storage
  • 1kg/bag 25kg/drum or as your requirement
  • Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature

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