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Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9

Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9 (3)
Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9 (2)
Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9 (1)
Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9 (3)
Adipic acid Quick Detail:
  • English name: Adipic acid
  • CAS Number: 124-04-9
  • Molecular Formula: C6H10O4
  • Molecular Weight: 146.14
  • EINECS Number: 204-673-3
  • Assay: 99.8%min
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
Adipic acid Specification:
Items of Analysis Index Result
Appearance White crystalline powder
Purity% (m / m) ≥ 99.80 99.85
Moisture % (m / m) ≤ 0.20 0.15
Ammonia Solution Colour(PT-CO) ≤ 5 0.8
Fe (mg/kg) ≤0.4 0.1
Nitrate content (mg/kg) ≤3.0 1.07
HNO3 (mg/kg) ≤ 3.0 0.63
Ashes (mg/kg) ≤4.0 1.0
Adipic acid Application:
  • Used as the material of polyurethane elastomer.
  • Used as chemical reagent, also used in plastics and synthetic organic.
  • It is the acidifier of food and drink, whose function is better than citric acid and tartaric acid.
  • It is the raw material of medicine, yeast extract, insecticide, adhesives, synthetic leather, synthetic dyes and spices.
  • Mainly used as the material of nylon 66 and engineering plastics, also used in the production of ester products, used as plasticizer and advanced lubricant.
Adipic acid Package:

25kg/bag or Customized according to customer requirements


This product should be sealed in a cool and dry place.

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