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3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid CAS 1132-61-2

3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid Quick Details:
  • Chemical Name: 3-Morpholinopropanesulfonicacid
  • CAS No.: 1132-61-2
  • MolecularFormula: C7H15NO4S
  • Molecular weight: 209.26
  • Appearance:White powder
  • Assay: 99% min
3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid Specification:
Item Specifications
Assay(CNO4S)(dried basis) 99% min
pH of 1% solution at 25℃ 2.5-4.5
Heavy metals(as Pb) 5ppm max
Fe content 5ppm max
Loss on drying (105℃) 0.5%max
pka at 20℃ 7.10-7.30
Solution (10%)In water Passes Test
Color of 1M·Solution(425nm,Hazen) 50 max
UV Absorbance of a 0.1M Solution(1-cm path vs water)at 260 nm 0.02 max
3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid Application:

Biological buffers, used in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA / RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits, biological research Good’s buffer components.

3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid Package:

25kg/ Drum

3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid Storage:

It should be placed inventilation low-temperature drying.


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