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2-Pyrrolidinone CAS 616-45-5

2-Pyrrolidinone CAS 616-45-5 (3)
2-Pyrrolidinone CAS 616-45-5 (1)
2-Pyrrolidinone CAS 616-45-5 (2)
2-Pyrrolidinone CAS 616-45-5 (3)
2-Pyrrolidinone Quick Details

2-Pyrrolidone, also known as pyrrolidone, azone, butyrolactam. It is a colorless crystal that can be used as a solvent and intermediate in organic synthesis, as well as to make nylon 4 and vinyl pyrrolidone.

  • CAS No.: 616-45-5
  • Molecular Formula: C4H7NO
  • Molecular Weight: 85.1
  • Assay: 99.5%
  • Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
2-Pyrrolidinone Specification
Item Excellent Grade First Grade
Purity(GC,wt%) ≥99.5% ≥99.0%
Water content(K.F., wt%) ≤0.1℃ ≤0.1℃
Cgroma (Hazen, APHA) ≤10# ≤20#
Density (@20℃,g/ml) 1.107-1.115 1.107-1.115
Refractive index (@20℃) 1.482-1.486 1.482-1.486
2-Pyrrolidinone Application

α-pyrrolidone is an important chemical raw material and high-polarity organic solvent. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetic, solvent, electronic cleaning and other industries.

  • As an organic synthetic raw material and intermediate, it is mainly used polyvinylpyrrolidon, γ-aminobutyric acid, nylon -4, polyamide fibers etc.
  • As a solvent, it is mainly used in synthetic resins, pesticides, plasticizers, coloring agent, floor polishes, polyhydric alcohols, printing inks, coatings, iodine, electronics cleaning etc.
2-Pyrrolidone Package

200 kg/Drum  or customized

2-Pyrrolidone Storage

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse, away from fire, heat sources, and separate from oxidants. When handling, load and unload lightly to keep the package intact and prevent leakage.


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