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2-Anilinoethanol CAS 122-98-5

2-Anilinoethanol CAS 122-98-5
2-Anilinoethanol CAS 122-98-5
2-Anilinoethanol Quick Details:

Colorless liquid. Melting point -30℃, boiling point 268℃, 167℃(2.27kpa), relative density 1.085. Slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.The mixture of 46.5g(0.5mol) aniline, 20g(0.25mol) chloroacetic acid and 50ml water was heated and refluxed for 3h. Then alkalized with sodium carbonyl solution, distilled off excessive aniline with water, distilled the residue under reduced pressure, and collected fractions at 161-163℃(2.13kpa) to obtain 22-24g of n- hydroxyethyl aniline with a yield of 64-70%.

  • Product Name:2-Anilinoethanol
  • CAS No.:122-98-5
  • EINECS: 204-588-1
  • Molecular Formula: C8H11NO
  • Molecular Weight: 137.18
  • Appearance:Colorless to Yellow Liquid
2-Anilinoethanol Specification:
Items Specifications
Appearance Colorless to Yellow Liquid
Purity(Gc) ≥98.0%
Water(k.f) <0.5%
Sulphate Ash <0.1%
Boiling Point 150-152
2-Anilinoethanol Application:
  1. Organic synthesis intermediates.
  2. Used as dye intermediate
2-Anilinoethanol Package:



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